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Outcomes over optics Outcomes over optics

Building inclusive organizations

While many other nations turn inward, Canada proudly champions an open, inclusive society. Our commitment to inclusion now offers us a once-in-a-generation opportunity to seize a lasting competitive edge on the global stage. We can stand tall as the best place in the world to live, work—and belong. Together, we can build a foundation for lasting prosperity for all.
But we need to act now, and boldly. Our companies need to move past outdated approaches to diversity and inclusion that are failing to deliver real progress. It’s time to shift from counting our differences to embracing and uniting them instead. It’s time for outcomes, not optics.
November 2017

Can CEOs be un-disruptable? Can CEOs be un-disruptable?

Why today’s best leaders are flexible, not steadfast

What does it take to meet the challenges of today’s relentless market pressures? Our study suggests a new model for CEOs to aspire to.
October 2017

Canada: Growing once again Canada: Growing once again

After four quarters of plus-2.5 percent growth, Canadian economists have taken their debate over a recession off the table. But, will new trade tactics from the U.S. impact performance for key industries in Canada?
October 2017

The Intelligence Revolution The Intelligence Revolution

Future-proofing Canada’s workforce

These developments will change what a job means, affecting the work we do and how we do it. The report introduces a series of new work archetypes based on the future-proofed capabilities we believe Canadians will need to succeed. It also includes recommendations for business executives, government leaders, business, and workers themselves that we believe must be implemented to put Canada on the path to success.
October 2017

SEC Issues New and Revised Guidance to Clarify Its CEO Pay Ratio Rule SEC Issues New and Revised Guidance to Clarify Its CEO Pay Ratio Rule

This Heads Up summarizes the key components of the SEC’s CEO pay ratio rule as clarified by an interpretive release, revised Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations, and SEC staff guidance issued on September 21, 2017.
October 2017

The Board’s Role in Creating a Sustainable BEPS Plan The Board’s Role in Creating a Sustainable BEPS Plan

With multinational organizations attracting public scrutiny on tax issues, boards are expected to play a greater role in the design, implementation and ongoing monitoring of tax policies, including oversight related to how management handles Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) recommendations issued by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Understand what role the board can play in building a comprehensive BEPS plan, and questions board members may want to ask of management about this international tax issue.
October 2017

Winning with digital Winning with digital

What boards need to know about digital transformation

Digital technologies and related business innovations are permeating everything around us—introducing new cultures, changing society, reshaping the competitive landscape, raising customer expectations, disrupting established business models, blurring the lines between industries, and creating unprecedented challenges—and opportunities—for companies everywhere. In light of this, digital transformation is now one of the most important strategic issues on the board’s agenda.
October 2017

Operational Risk Management Operational Risk Management

The New Differentiator

Are you using operational risk management (ORM) as an organizational imperative? Effective management of operational risks will increase C-suite visibility and encourage more informed risk taking. Integrating ORM strategy, tools, and processes into your organizational goals will lead to improved product performance, greater brand recognition, and deliver sustainable financial results.
September 2017

CFO Insights: 2017 Q3 CFO Signals™ Survey Results CFO Insights: 2017 Q3 CFO Signals™ Survey Results

Geopolitical threats and political turmoil dampen sentiment

CFOs’ perceptions of their own companies’ prospects declined, and year-over-year expectations for earnings and capital investment both declined.
September 2017

Day One Readiness Day One Readiness

Enabling business continuity through effective execution of complex transactions

M&A integration/separation/divestiture plans with measures of readiness—ready checkpoints (RCPs)—can help companies avoid surprises and maintain business continuity while executing complex transactions.
August 2017

2017 Transparency Report 2017 Transparency Report

We have deliberately set the bar high for ourselves and this report describes some of the principles, policies, standards and actions we have implemented to support our commitment to leading the profession. Download the report to learn how Deloitte’s governance procedures ensure every audit engagement receives the highest quality professional services.
August 2017

Banding together for blockchain Banding together for blockchain

Does it make sense for your company to join a consortium?

Blockchain is a technology that requires collaboration to be effective, which is why companies—both allies and competitors—have begun working together in consortia. But creating a successful blockchain consortium requires planning, investment, and commitment.
August 2017

Influencing stakeholders: Persuade, trade, or compel Influencing stakeholders

Persuade, trade, or compel

New executives need to identify and map their strategy for influencing stakeholders in order to bring about change. Options range from friendly persuasion to the last resort—a power play.
August 2017

Global Economic Outlook - Q3 2017 Global Economic Outlook

Quarter 3 2017

At a time when the global economy appears to be accelerating, the two leading economies of the English-speaking world, the United States and United Kingdom, are not following the trend. Yet the overall global trend is positive, though the specter of protectionism looms.
August 2017

Audit committee disclosure in proxy statements Audit committee disclosure in proxy statements

2017 trends: Deloitte’s analysis of the 2017 S&P proxies

Transparency into audit committee oversight activities and performance provide a better understanding for investors.
August 2017