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2017 Transparency Report 2017 Transparency Report

We have deliberately set the bar high for ourselves and this report describes some of the principles, policies, standards and actions we have implemented to support our commitment to leading the profession. Download the report to learn how Deloitte’s governance procedures ensure every audit engagement receives the highest quality professional services.
August 2017

Banding together for blockchain Banding together for blockchain

Does it make sense for your company to join a consortium?

Blockchain is a technology that requires collaboration to be effective, which is why companies—both allies and competitors—have begun working together in consortia. But creating a successful blockchain consortium requires planning, investment, and commitment.
August 2017

Influencing stakeholders: Persuade, trade, or compel Influencing stakeholders

Persuade, trade, or compel

New executives need to identify and map their strategy for influencing stakeholders in order to bring about change. Options range from friendly persuasion to the last resort—a power play.
August 2017

The pressing case to design and implement a Non-Financial Risk Management Framework The pressing case to design and implement a Non-Financial Risk Management Framework

Deloitte Banking Union

This thought-provoking white paper advocates a new approach to NFR risk management and proposes to accelerate progress in this emerging discipline by introducing the key components of an integrated framework for identifying, measuring and monitoring NFRs.
July 2017

The oilfield services sector transforms again The oilfield services sector transforms again

Seven strategies for sustainable success

After a long downturn, companies in the oilfield services sector are embracing recovery, learning from the past, and looking to seven key strategies for sustainable success.
June 2017

IT culture IT culture

From business limitation to competitive advantage

The IT culture of an organization is critical to a chief information officer’s (CIO) ability to succeed. We take a closer look at IT cultural challenges, the characteristics of high-performing IT cultures, and ways CIOs can evolve beliefs and behaviors to positively influence outcomes.
May 2017

2030 Purpose: Good business and a better future 2030 Purpose: Good business and a better future

Connecting sustainable development with enduring commercial success

Businesses can make a huge impact towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the good news is that this isn't just good for humanity, it's good for business.
January 2017

Global Economic Outlook - Q3 2017 Global Economic Outlook

Quarter 3 2017

At a time when the global economy appears to be accelerating, the two leading economies of the English-speaking world, the United States and United Kingdom, are not following the trend. Yet the overall global trend is positive, though the specter of protectionism looms.
August 2017

Audit committee disclosure in proxy statements Audit committee disclosure in proxy statements

2017 trends: Deloitte’s analysis of the 2017 S&P proxies

Transparency into audit committee oversight activities and performance provide a better understanding for investors.
August 2017

Thinking allowed Thinking allowed

Climate-related disclosure

In this publication we look at some of the issues involved and how companies and audit committees might respond to the challenges, drawing on a report issued by the UK Financial Stability Board Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure, to integrate the implications of climate change in their corporate reporting effectively.
February 2017

Exponential manufacturing Exponential manufacturing

A collection of perspectives exploring the frontiers of manufacturing and technology

In the next three to five years, expect to see business use cases emerge and pioneering deployments accelerate around these once-futuristic technologies. With this in mind, increasing numbers of CIOs, CTOs, and business strategists are already taking exploratory steps with these and other exponential technologies. They are sensing and scanning disruptive forces and putting in place deliberate, disciplined innovation responses. These leaders understand that waiting for exponentials to manifest as mature technology trends before taking action may be waiting too long.
July 2017

Transferring pension risk so you can focus on what you do best: Minding your own business Transferring pension risk so you can focus on what you do best

Minding your own business

All defined benefit pension plans (DB plans) inherently carry pension risk. The best response for plans at any stage may be de-risking through pension risk transfer strategies, in which the risk associated with a given group of the DB plan members is transferred to an insurer.
Our latest report is a discussion of pension risk: how to recognize, address, and transfer it, and how to overcome the organizational roadblocks that make pension risk transfer a challenge.
July 2017

Bridging the boardroom’s technology gap Bridging the boardroom’s technology gap

Tech-focused directors can help boards stay ahead of the technology curve

Directors with meaningful technology experience can help corporate boards understand and oversee critical technology-driven initiatives and opportunities, but only a small percentage of boards have appointed technology experts, according to a comprehensive analysis of public company data. Directors and chief information officers can take a number of steps to bridge the boardroom’s technology gap.
July 2017

Post-merger integration Post-merger integration

On the board's agenda | US

Many mergers and acquisitions, even promising ones, can fall short of delivering anticipated results. And shareholders often rarely pause to litigate. The potential consequences of M&A activity loom large to companies and to their boards. It is commonly in the board’s interest to emphasize the importance of, and to oversee, a well-thought out M&A plan, including the often-overlooked post-merger integration.
July 2017

Stacking the deck Highlights from the 2017 Deloitte Board Symposium

The 2017 Deloitte Board Symposium, "Focusing on the future: the board’s role in a time of innovation, disruption, and uncertainty," helped board and audit committee members set priorities and agendas for the coming year. This document includes highlights and perspectives from speakers at the Symposium.
June 2017

Stacking the deck Stacking the deck

Effective crisis response

Prepared or not, companies have to respond when called. The response can be extremely challenging for C-suite leaders as they try to sort out myriad concerns in real time, including defining the crisis, determining its cause, and generating options to stanch its impacts. While some crisis planning can happen in advance, this issue of CFO Insights discusses some essential tactics CFOs can employ in crisis response and why learning these tactics can help to preserve a crucial level of trust and confidence among the impacted company’s many stakeholders.
June 2017

PCAOB Adopts Changes to the Auditor’s Report PCAOB Adopts Changes to the Auditor’s Report

This Heads Up provides an overview of the PCAOB’s new auditing standard on the auditor’s report. While retaining the current “pass/fail” opinion of the existing auditor’s report, the new standard includes several significant modifications that are intended to increase the informational value, usefulness, and relevance of the auditor’s report.
June 2017

Take the lead on cyber risk Take the lead on cyber risk

Move from now to next-level cybersecurity

In this report, we outline the steps your organization can take to move from now to next-level security. By understanding what needs to be done – and mustering the courage and foresight to tackle the challenges head on – you can take charge of your cyber fate and become a digital disrupter, instead of getting disrupted by your competition.
June 2017

Women in the Boardroom Women in the Boardroom

A Global Perspective

The 5th edition of our Women in the Boardroom report outlines efforts in over 60 countries to increase the number of women occupying board seats. The report also features perspectives of four non-executive directors from Australia, Japan, UK, and US into how boardroom diversity is progressing in their parts of the world.
June 2017

Managing brand risk in an age of social media Managing brand risk in an age of social media

In today’s transparent, always-on world, control of brand messaging has shifted from organizations into the hands of increasingly connected consumers. With the touch of a key, consumers have the power to share information about companies instantly on social channels and significantly shape brand perception.
June 2017

Implementing the New Revenue Standard Implementing the New Revenue Standard

How Do Your Disclosures Stack Up?

This Heads Up discusses observations from our review of SAB 74 disclosures that Fortune 1000 companies included in periodic SEC filings regarding their adoption of the FASB’s new revenue standard.
June 2017

As sustainability takes root, finance takes notice As sustainability takes root, finance takes notice

However, that appears to be changing quickly. Proponents of sustainability – which include investors, consumers, regulators, NGOs (nongovernmental organizations), and others – are demanding that companies think more broadly about how they make money, and about the impacts their operations and decisions have on the environment and society.
June 2017